Iwalani's Voyage Around the World
 Map of AustraliaAustralia covers an area from about 10 degrees south to 40 degrees south and 115 degrees east to 155 degrees east. It?s the only nation that is also a continent. Europeans first sited Australia in the 16th century. Britain used it as a penal colony and many convicts were deported there. Farming was developed when the railways penetrated to the interior. Australia's sovereignty was formally recognized in 1931 by the British Parliament. The rural sector produces important exportsMany unique animals can be found on this ancient continent, such as platypus, kangaroos and koalas. The population 17.8 million, a mostly on the coasts and the southeast. The climate is mainly temperate, except the tropical north and central desert. The north has two seasons, wet from November to March, the heaviest rainfall after January. The winter months of April to October are drier. The cyclone season is from December to March on both the Pacific and Indian Ocean coasts.